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DISCLAIMER: I don't heal group content often, but I do play sawbones as my main spec and have used it while doing all solo content in the game.
I think you've confused merc/mando heals with scoundrel/ops a bit. Scoundrels have no direct channel heal (outside of the channeled aoe that should rarely be used in small groups), just instant and activated heals.

Re: quickbar setup- it varies with everone, depending on how much keybinding vs clicking you want to do. The main thing is that you want to be able to use your instant cast abilities (kolto probe, kolto cloud, emergency medpack) while moving.

I recommend Vulkk or Dulfy for class guides - the 5.0 and up are still relevant.

For quickbar set-up: I can't help you there. I do a mix of keybinds and clicking that works for me, but would probably make the NiM/Ranked healers cringe.
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