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Well okay, it's a factory, so obviously it's making droids which won't be able to fight because they're not ready yet. But that pick shows HKs that are fully assembled and ready to go. And that's not all of the factory. Also note that G0-T0 has been producing these for years. And in the cut content, HK-47 and the Exile had to fight through a ton (I don't know the exact number).
Well, I haven't played the cut content, but as we see through out the Clone Wars, factories are well defended and well stocked with droids. So I would assume that the factory is well guarded by droids 'hot off the press'

But how effective are these droids, really? Remember that three of them were taken out by T3. That could just be a defficiency in their programming when it comes to destroying astromech droids, or simply because T3 is so awesome (let's face it, he is ). I am inclined to believe the latter.

If a battle does come to the HK factory, Traya has to win. If she fails, she has done no damage to G0-T0 and shot herself in the foot. So how much of Traya's army (small as it is) will need to be sent to destroy the factory? Quite a big portion, but if the factory is destroyed, she will have a much better chance of winning, or at the very least survive longer.

I think it is possible, but it will most likely deplete a good majority of her forces. She does have the Sith going for her.
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