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The HK factory had plenty of defenses, including various battle-droids, turrets, and mines. Not to mention that HK-50s will naturally be guarding the HK factory. Like, a lot of them.

We can see Traya's assassins fighting non-force users when they attacked the Mandalorain base on Dxun. They aren't super-advanced killer machines. The Mandalorians were able to hold them off, and undoubtably the HKs will be able to defeat them as well.

The HK factory won't be destroyed by assassins alone.

To get a glimpse of the HKs the assassins would have to go through, refer to this picture.
That's a good point about the assassins, but they were facing Mandalorians. So it's not like they are inept, but you are correct that they aren't super advanced killers.

That picture has alot of droids in them. The question is, how many of them are active and combat ready? Probably quite a few, but I doubt all of them are ready.
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