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07.05.2012 , 02:14 PM | #5119
Bioware, you decided where to put my guild when the game launched taking that decision from our leadership and we trusted your judgement.

The server you selected for us died like so many others. I admit that this development was impossible to predict however it leads me into my main point.

YOU (Bioware) don't get to decide which server I get to play on.

Prior to character transfers I rerolled on a server of my choice that I prefer despite losing access to the legacy perks I worked hard to get and 4 characters that were very nicely geared and developed.

Now that character transfers have been out for a while I think it is time to allow me the customer the option of selecting where to move my characters.

I feel I am more than capable of making this choice and find it slightly condescending that I am currently being denied a choice in the matter.

If you want to charge me an additional modest fee for the convenience I would be more than happy to agree to that.

I'd be happy to settle for letting legacy perks carry over accross servers as a reluctant concession.

I think this is a reasonable request , let me select where to move the characters I put alot of effort into developing to a destination server of my own choosing. Charge me a modest fee for any overhead on your end and add in a cooldown to prevent any abuse of the system.

I don't want welfare black hole commendations or a pet dinosaur I want access to the legacy I built on the server of my choice.

In advance thank you for your time and attention.