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Just saying what the focus on the MMORPG genre once was... now the focus seem to be about satisfying the ones that makes the most noise on the forums. Because of this roleplayers often tend to draw the shortest straw...

BW you had a discussion what the best option for the transfer was. The option most wanted was neglected and you came up with the solution to move us to a PVP server(!).

I really hope you sort this because I really love to play the game, but this incident has left me so frustrated and angry that I am actually considering taking a break from playing.

Hear us out! Atleast this second time...
I'm with you, Tootz.

If you read back through this thread, it's almost laughable. When they asked for our feedback, we basically had two camps of people: Those who asked for transfers to a PVP server, and those who asked for an option of going to either a PVP server or an RP server. (There were a few, even me at one point, asking for a merger of all 3 EU RP-PVP servers, but those posts were few and far between.) Someone at one point (can't find it now) went back and counted the "votes" and the PVP server won, mainly because the PVP server got mentioned in almost every post. We, the RP crowd, were (most of us) being fair and saying that both types of players should be accommodated. While the majority of the PVP crowd was concerned only with what they wanted. So, because we were trying to look out for them too, we were asking for the choice (which apparently Bioware was unwilling to do). And since "PVP" showed up far more in this thread because we voted for their enjoyment as well as our own, that's the way it went.

The PVP crowd would probably claim that since the majority of the server took the transfer to ToFN, that that was obviously the right decision. I would say that's crap, because a lot of people moved because they thought that ultimately they'd have no other choice. Quite a few have been back on to say just that, and how miserable they are on ToFN.

So, even the claim of "majority rules" doesn't hold up in this decision. I really do think that Bioware believes that the RP crowd aren't worth appeasing. And that's shortsighted. Who are going to be the ones to stick around for a long time? The PVP folks? No, they'll jump ship at the first new AAA MMO that comes over the horizon promising better PVP. It's the SW fans and the RP crowd that will sustain this game in the long term. Or at least it would've been, had they ever given us a reason to stay, like taking our enjoyment of the game into consideration even once...

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