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There's a lot to dislike about your comparison. I don't know that it's wrong, but it is discomforting to see dps numbers used to draw a conclusion, as the further you get from a pure continuous stream of energy, the further dps becomes lame compared to damage per shot.
Sure, why not?

Here are some calculations for the time-to-kill. I changed the HLC level 4 upgrade from Improved Tracking to Ignore Armor, and corrected the gunship's armor (5%, not 0%). This gets a bit long compared to the dps metrics, because the accuracy-evasion check gives a probability distribution for the number of shots required.

Build 1
- Ion Cannon (Drain Engine, Drain Weapon)
- Heavy Laser Cannon (Ignore Armor, Shield Piercing)
- Range Capacitor
- stream of ion, quick-switch once, stream of HLC

Build 2
- Heavy Laser Cannon (Ignore Armor, Shield Piercing)
- Quad Laser Cannon (Reduced Power, Increased Hull Damage)
- Range Capacitor
- quick-switch repeatedly

Ion reload time = 0.370s
HLC reload time = 0.500s
QLC reload time = 0.370s
assumed quick-switch time = 0.000s

The target is a stationary gunship at 6000m, dead center, it has 23% evasion, 5% armor, 1870 shields, 1250 hull, and we don't have Wingman.

Build 1 minimum time-to-kill from the first hit = 2.111s
(1.111s for 4 Ion hits + 1.000s for 3 HLC hits)
The probability to land 4 consecutive Ion shots + 3 HLC shots with none evaded = 26.7%

Build 1 average time-to-kill from the first hit = 2.750s
(1.394s weighted average for 4 Ion hits + m Ion evasion misses
+ 1.356s weighted average for 3 HLC hits + n HLC evasion misses)

Build 2 Minimum time-to-kill from the first hit = 1.500s
(1.500s for 4 HLC hits + 5 QLC hits, 0 shots evaded)
The probability to land 4 HLC + 5 QLC shots with none evaded = 7.3%

Build 2 average time-to-kill from the first hit = 2.4s approx.
This is approximate because the maths got really long.
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