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The T1F (Rycer / Star Guard) is very strong, with or without the quick-switching "Piledriver" mechanic. I'm still mostly using the old Ion Cannon + HLC combo, as I haven't had enough practice with the Piledriver. It is plenty powerful enough already.
This stuff sounds great, but then you get to:

I did some calculations (hopefully correctly) to compare the two builds.
There's a lot to dislike about your comparison. I don't know that it's wrong, but it is discomforting to see dps numbers used to draw a conclusion, as the further you get from a pure continuous stream of energy, the further dps becomes lame compared to damage per shot.

When you open up with ion cannon, you hit someone with ion cannon. After a delay, you hit them with a second ion cannon. Ion cannon shoots at the same rate as quads, I think, so this seems fine to compare.
When you open up with heavy leaser, you hit someone with a heavy laser, switch, and immediately land the quad. After a delay, you hit them with a second quad. At this point, you switch back, and a heavy will be with you shortly.
If you are using ions and heavies, what will normally happen is, you will likely switch to heavies after landing that second ion cannon, or sometimes after the third. At this point your heavy should fire immediately- the weapon swap here basically being a piledrive. But don't wait to see hits landing for jack squat against bare hull, don't even wait for the number to pop up- once they've taken their prescribed ion dosage, switch to heavies.

I agree that ion/heavy is a fine build. But it's not piledriving, and a dps analysis really leaves out that initial mapping of H+Q, Q+H being compared to I, I. Heavies are a slower laser than quads and ions, but the numbers of heavies that shows up in this space is roughly equal to the number of ions over the span that matters. The dps numbers discuss a world where a number of shots have been fired where that important initial "charge" doesn't matter. Basically, heavies does way more dps out of the gate than the dps number gives it credit for.
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