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I don't think I've ever seen it saying that *Vette* "will remember that". Lana Beniko, yes. Koth Vortena, yes. But not Vette.

I think that for the crew on Nar Shaddaa, she's initially happy that her friend kept you busy so she could talk to the other two, but then she thinks about it and feels the bite of the twisty knife of jealousy.

But hey, I remember when there weren't any words when companions approved or disapproved, just a little pop-up box with how many points they gained or lost.

The general schema is (if you don't have the Gift of the Gab character perk giving bonuses):
* Greatly Approves: +400
* Approves: +200
* Meh: 0
* Disapproves: +50
* Greatly Disapproves: 0
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