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Quote: Originally Posted by MattPucevich View Post

Also no chorus of screams from upping the encounter to 252 so.... I guess we'll run with it >.>

Well here is one: "***" "OMG" "WHYY?!?!?!?"

On a serious note, I didn't say anything about it for 2 reasons: 1 I'm not on the PTS, and 2 I thought it was just a fun PTS experiment cause that's kinda what you said.

Anyway, I'm against this 252 tuning because my raid group was looking forward to new content that didn't require us to run weeklies that aren't operations. I can't judge how hard it is right now on PTS with 248s, but I was really liking the thought that we were going to be able to play this content without farming for 252/258 gear (because let's be honest, this new gearing system is a step backwards after all the good changes that were done to salvage the whole command crates mess).

Don't know if I'll be alone in this, but just wanted to let you know some people don't agree with the 252 tuning.
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