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01.19.2018 , 10:01 AM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by supertimtaf View Post
Which would leave concealment with what ? Shield Probe ?
Sure, op defensive mate.

Let their roll as it is.
Ban the exploiters, make sure that it doesn't happen again.
But stop saying "nerf this" when you can't play against it, especially if it's the only decent defensive ability of a class.
Play a bit with an operative in warzone. Both ranked and unranked, come back after to tell us how "OP" this roll is, and how you killed everyone with it. ^^
I want Bioware's attention. It's annoying when u stand still for 5 mins waiting till those exploiters come out on acid and start using bug with roll. It's a bug and needs to be fixed. Otherwise the game will die sooner than expected because of these bugs in the game.