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Extracted from the news section of our website, this reports are written on mondays so some information might seem outdated. Also some parts have been edited due to forum rules, to see the original article you can check here:

Hello, guildies and friends!

It is the end of another week in the Celestial world!!

A weird week, because the lack of conquest kind of took out of us the excuse to do stuff for conquest points... I bet the Ulgo House is mounting a party right now because we haven't killed their droid again (yet)

But we adapt and overcome, so that doesn't mean that we didn't had a great and fun week!!

The world boss hunt for the Argonauts got replaced with a hilarious speed run on Karagga's Palace! (If you haven't been in voice with us you don't know what you are missing!)

Then, on Wednesday we did some kind of off the cuff Netflix and Chill, with a super smooth run through Explosive Conflict! Kephess didn't even know what hit him!

The Argonauts did also the Commander run!! No champions this week because who the **** kills champions if it is not for sweet conquest points?? But at least we got some more plans for the Deep Horizon to expand!

In organized raiding, No Quarter, Republic Side, is launching a new shiny tank, so they went a couple of steps back to see how it goes... The runs through Ravagers and Temple of Sacrifice went really well! Hope it means they left the curse behind! While The Senate and The Courts went for Hard Mode Explosive Conflict! (The tanks trolled them with alternative tactics, but the Dreadnauts' raid team will prevail!)

It feels really weird to not have World Eaters to congratulate (give conquest back, Bioware, please!!) But be aware that World Eaters are a thing and you could be one too when conquest comes back!!

Remember to check out for the events we are doing here in the site and especially in our Discord! And don't be shy, if you wanna suggest something fun to do, please do it!!

If you aren't a Celestial yet, you are welcome to fill out an application form! Join this crazy unusual family!!

Until the next week!

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