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Probably the main difference between when you played before and now is that now we can shield crits. As far as if this helps enough to offset the health loss of stacking shield/absorb instead of endurance, I'm not sure.

For my jugger tank, which I just leveled a couple months ago, I went with shield/absorb instead of high endurance. However, I still swapped out all the mods and enhancements, because the built-in ones contain a ton of defense, which I didn't want. So I put in the DPS mods/enhances and then used a mix of shield and absorb augments. I have all 230 gear (except main hand and off-hand 248, see this thread for why) and 236 augs (which are a waste, you can just use 228 - see same thread linked before). I use Advanced Lethal Mod 46, and Advance Adept Enhancement 46. Armorings and hilts are the tank ones.

Then for augments I have 3 overkill (228) which have just kind of been left over and sitting there because I'm still not sure if this setup is working. The rest are a mix of 6 absorb and 5 shield. My bolstered stats are like this:

dmg: 3954-4676 (+ 11.3 - 14.3%)
bonus dmg: 2510.8 (+ 1.7%)
acc: 111%
crit: 44.19% (+ 1.2%)
multi: 72.32% (+ 0.8%)
hlth: 131510 (- 0.2%)
armor: 13535
dmg reduce: 49.47%
def: 12.74%
shld; 38.97%
absorb: 36.71%

I *feel* tanky, most of the time. I'm just not sure if it's because of jugger tank cooldowns, or the extra shield absorb, or both. I've downloaded starparse and taken a look at the shielding totals. That claims I'm getting 25-30% ish shielded damage on average (averaged by me looking through the "fights" and just taking note) in regs. That seems way too high to me to be realistic, but if it's true it sure makes it seem like shield/absorb is worth it!

On the other hand, if I can count on just flat out shielding 39% of all hits and reducing the damage of those by a flat 36%, that totals to a damage reduction of about 14% (.39 * .36 = .14). My current health is 131510, and 14% of that is 18464. So to make up the 14% I'd have to have a health pool of 131510 + 18464 = 149974. I don't think I've seen anyone, even full 258 geared folks, with that high a health. I know in other threads there has been some amazement about 258 people hitting 140K. I think I saw one person recently with 142K.

I think I did the raw numbers right, but that's all just theory. And it ignore some more complicated stuff, like Endure Pain and medpacs that affect percentages of your health.

By the way, one "nice" thing about 252/258 gear that bioware has shoved down our throats, is that you can no longer swap out the mods and enhancements (if I've understood what I've read correctly). So, if we want to actually gear a tank with the new gear, we don't have any choice about those. We are stuck with the shield, absorb, and useless crappy BS defense on our gear no matter what. All you'd have to play with at that point is augs.

Luckily for now, bolster is 252 (except for main hand, again see the thread linked above) - so I can use relatively cheap 230 gear and get what I want.

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