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That just goes to show you the kind of garbage people go to watch then. The real question shouldn't be how much it made on the 1st weekend, but how much it makes for as long as it's out. If it tanks after that 1st weekend, who cares how well it did that 1 weekend. It should be how well a movie did for the entire time it's on the big screen.
And already it looks like it's tanking.

A friend of mine on Reddit said he went to an 8pm saturday showing and barely anyone was in the theater. And he lives in a big city. Also one just has to look at social media, so far facebook, twitter, reddit and the chans are blasting the film. I get the feeling it will be on dvd in another 3 months at this point.

What a waste of a movie. Disney just dropped the ball big time and at this point? They should just call it quits with Star Wars. They have Avatar now and that can be the big money maker. Star Wars and the Marvel movies just went about being too sjw for their own good.