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This. The Last Jedi was just insulting, still it looks like it's going to bomb. Add in already a number of people I know decided to boycott the movie after what EA did with Battlefraud 2.
Why are people so egocentric that only what they want to happen for the story would be good and rest is garbage according to them? You create too many wants and expectations for the story and it clouds your judgement. You hate it way too easily just because how you wanted the story to go didn't happen.

I loved the The Last Jedi, it was an amazing movie with a great storyline and addition to the entire Star Wars universe. It created something unique and incredibly enjoyable. And I say this as a hardcore Star Wars fun who has read much of the old EU content like the Thrawn trilogy and the Legacy of the Force bookseries, who is a great lover of the Legends content from the pre-movie eras. I theorize about the new movies and stories, sure, or speculate, but I have let go of the old EU continuity after RoTJ and let myself be carried by the new story stream. Guess what, it allowed me to really enjoy the new movies, books and comics, with the new canon being rather good, very good even!

If you are unable to let go of the EU continuity and want that to happen, perhaps the new movies aren't for you and you shouldn't watch them. It will save you much anger and disappointment and the rest won't have to feel bad to see an awesome story being bashed. However, I urge you to try to let go of what was before and try to go into the new stories with a fresh and open mind, it will make you see the new movies in a different and better light
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