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12.17.2017 , 06:28 AM | #1
Was she the Phantom Menace of the Sequel Trilogy all along?

After all, Rian Johnson seems to be HER personal pet project /main man; [I]The Last Jedi [/I ]brings back the CGI overkill that TFA wisely avoided, the constant cuteness is back (merchandising), the forced/plastic humor is back (even in extremely dangerous situations), the explosions over a well-crafted plot are back...

it's kind of telling that SHE has GREENLIGHTED, OUT OF THE F BLUE, a new trilogy that will be directed by this Johnson guy; she has fired three directors already and ordered multiple reshoots for Rogue One (with the acquiescence of Disney?) , but this Johnson guy seems to encapsulate HER PERSONAL vision for Disney SW (CGI, merchandising, humor)