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The Lightsaber is for sure one (if not the) most iconic weapon in fiction. Very good to have a thread started for discussion about it.

What I would like to see elaborated in this thread is, how comes a lightsaber is such a mighty weapon for Jedi (and Sith) but barely useful for a mundane being? What are the properties that make it the most feared weapon in the Galaxy?

I think one of the most important features of the Lightsaber is its ability to deflect blaster fire. This is obviously something only a force user can achieve, as it needs some kind of precognition to work out (I always assume a saber can parry a shot because the swordsman knows where it will be shot and moves the saber in the right place before the shot is triggered).
Questions here: what are the limits of the Lightsaber to this ability (not talking about the wielder here, talking about the physical limits of the Saber).

Another important feature of the Lightsaber is that its blade packs such a high energy density that it can cut through almost all known materials. It is very impressive (and fear inducing) to see someone cut their way through a thick steel door (as Qui-Gon in TPM)
Questions here: again, what are the limits of the Lightsaber. Which materials resist the blade and why?

We also see that the Lightsaber is used as a kind of force focus to defend against force attacks (like Obi-Wan defends against Count Dooku's lightning).
Questions here: Is a Lightsaber necessary for that (obviously no, because Yoda deflected lightning with bare hands); or how does the Saber help? Is it just used as a tool for ones own mind, a psychological crutch so to speak? Or does a Lightsaber has its own merits when it comes to defend against the Force.

A weakness of kind of the Lightsaber is its close combat nature. At first glance it is of no use at range. At many instances though, we see it thrown with great effect. What other long range uses there are for a Lightsaber (if any).

One thing that also always interested me is, how closely attached the Jedi are to their personal weapon. Of course a Jedi can use telekinesis to grab any object, but it always seemed to me that they have a special bond with their Lightsaber so they can instantly pull from wherever it is.
Question here: Is this assumption true? Does a Jedi need to see their Saber to grab it with the Force? Or does the Lightsaber generate an imprint in the Force that can be sensed by its owner?