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This is what I run when I am not messing arund with deception.

Basically a similar hybrid I ran prior to 2.0 where you go into the madness tree to get deathmark but now that UK has been replaced lingering nightmares so you could use those points elsewhere like maybe grabbing static cling. You also get the force management and your burst back with getting maul while grabbing low slash for the extra CC since madness lost instant WW.

I actually feel I can put more pressure on healers with this build and my mauls are still hitting around 7k, thrash is hitting hard and you just keep the dot's rolling.
Cycao, thanks. I've come up with a new hybrid that's very high in DPS due to what you showed me here.

Quote: Originally Posted by lazerxxx View Post
I fiddled around with a few enhancements, got my conqueror offhand and installed the matrix cube.
That's how it looks now:
Matrix Cube is actually legit. Though, it won't be that way forever. (I'm using one in-game atm)

Quote: Originally Posted by RankorSSGS View Post
I personally run 0/18/28 when I'm in a Madness mood, just personal preference.

Anyway, very well done as always Shin. I do question you taking Electric Execution over Torment, other than that I would agree with pretty much everything here. It's become less necessary since your return, but I've also been thinking of writing up a guide. Just making up my mind whether or not it would be worth the effort, since you seem to be covering things nicely on your own.
Can't see why more guides / help will be a bad thing. Get it done imo. Community could always use some more benevolence.
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