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It's about time that the pox on this game called 5.0 is fixed. LB runs are just one symptom of everything that has been wrong with SWTOR in the last few years. We need the game to get back to a point where LB runs aren't actually needed.

BioWare better get the reward system right this time because these LB runs actually get better rewards than NiM Ops. Even dailies in Ossus do that. So now we have a generation of overgeared, whiny SM warriors that still have no clue about boss mechanics and think that you need 258 gear to do stuff that was balanced around 236/242 gear.

The other day my new Trooper was kicked from an SM group because my 230 gear (from the command vendor) was considered "too low rating" for an SM Ops. And no it wasn't Gods. And these types of people I also see wipe over and over on Master and Blaster for example cause they have gear but no sense.

LB runs currently are too profitable to ignore right now, but they really need to be purged from this game.
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