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I read the entire thread before deciding to make this post because I wanted to see if anyone else has brought this up. I've seen more than one of these threads now and yes in this thread one person brought up the fact that people seem to be overlooking, which is that story mode operation difficulty will be even easier than it is now when 6.0 launches. From the dev tracker.

“Scaling Tech in Group Content Feedback | 08.02.2019, 03:39 PM
Hey folks,

We are working on deploying a new patch to PTS which will up the difficulty a bit for group content using our scaling tech. Please be sure to swing back on after the patch and let us know what you think of this new balance.

For some context, here are our goals for difficulties for Operations in Onslaught:
Story mode - This should be easy, an entry level difficulty for players. Should be puggable without the need for voice comms.
Veteran - Starting to be a challenge for groups, even coordinated ones. Still possible in experienced pugs but more likely to be completed by coordinated groups/guilds.
Master - Hardest content in the game. Meant for veteran and skilled players with heavy coordination.

Also, as mentioned earlier in the thread, lockouts will still be available for the higher difficulty levels. given all this information, why is this such an alarming idea? I'm not one to presume other people's motives, however given the above information coupled with reading the rest of the thread it does make one Wonder why there is such an uproar.
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