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Aside from the obvious CXP and Conquest value, there are two things I liked about SM LBLOs

1) They encouraged me to play with my guild. Up until I started doing them, I'd pretty much just acted like a solo taking advantage of the xp/CXP perks and ignoring everyone. LBLOs are fast and you get a lot of cxp, and people in my guild advertised a lot of them, which helps bring people in our community together.

2) They were good learning experiences. Yes, a full run is obviously the best learning experience because you see all the bosses, but I'd never run ops before and was intimidated of full runs, even in SM. Doing a one-shot deal with players that had done the fight many times before provided enough redundancy that i could go in without knowing the fight, and not screw things up, and after doing enough of them, I had enough confidence in my skills to start doing full runs.

As I've said elsewhere, I think petitions are pointless. BW will ram this change through whether we like it or not - and I don't. The only satisfaction I get is that the people coming here to complain about the petition also don't know any better - they're volunteering their time to shill for BW with what they think is the reason, because BW can't be bothered to make a yellow post and just settle it themselves. /golfclap.
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