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So I get that Stark didn't seem to be privy to his master's agenda but he evidently was instructed to gain intel for the First Son. But why? The Barsen'thor was already reporting directly to him, he could have learned everything he wanted without such a drastic violent and risky step of kidnapping on his enemies entourage. All that seemed to do was create one more enemy by having Nadia train as a Jedi because of what happened. Was he just doing it for random cruelty? That's awfully risky behavior for no real gain. You'd think there would be better ways for him to get his "evil actions" fix.
Well bear in mind that Syo wasn't consciously aware of who he really was or what he was doing - so it's possible that split personalities don't always "eavesdrop" on one another. Also, as with several before and after him, Stark's ultimate purpose was to kill the Barsen'thor. Granted that didn't go so well, but the business with Nadia becoming a Jedi because of that is comparable to the Empire's attack on Quesh. Best laid plans of mice and Sith, I suppose.