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I'll give it one last shot to try and explain to you what is important to me. When I talk about quality matches, I mean put the 8 best players In the same game and make the fairest teams between those 8 players. Right now, this never happens. The system seems to put the worst players with the best players to help create more fairness (which is a good thing to aim for), but it absolutely does this with the cost of the quality of the match.

We want stacked teams vs stacked teams at the higher elo. In other words, we want to play with people at our supposed level and also vs people at that same level too. When your whole team is at similar level and vs that same level you often get high quality matches.

i'll give you an example: Take any game you want that you consider that has a clear way to determine who are the best in the world at that game. Let say that game is 4v4 based. Now, consider these two possibilities:

1) You have the top 8 players in the world for that game in the finals. team 1 had players ranked 1,4,5,8 and team 2 has players ranked 2,3,6,7.

2) In that same final, you replace the bottom 4 ranks (5,6,7,8) with celebrities(C) who have maybe very little experience playing this game and are not good at it. Team 1 is now: 1,4,C1,C2 Team 2 is now: 2,3,C3,C4

What I consider a HIGH QUALITY finals is clearly shown in ONE of these two options. If you still cant figure out which one I would prefer, then I seriously have no idea how to explain it too you.
Here above is my post where I explain what a high quality match is to me.

To Alex,
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All I've been doing is explaining reality to people. Your view of what constitutes "high quality matches" is based purely on whether you win the match or not.
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Quality of a match has nothing to do with the result. You clearly misunderstood the whole point of my previous post In which I explained why I preferred the old system.
I ask you to stop trying to tell everyone what you think my reasoning is for anything. Every time you have done this, you have been flat out wrong. Each time after, I made a post explaining my reasoning for all my opinions. You just seem to refuse or you are unable to comprehend my explanations even though I have tried to make them as clear and simple as possible. But even with all my efforts, you continuously create your own explanations for my reasoning and then try to tell everyone that YOUR explanations are my explanations. It's this repeated behavior of yours that leads me to conclude for myself that you are a simple troll and that is why I have no respect for you.
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