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I understood you were describing someone, I just left it open-ended though because I am curious if others feel the same way?

I am sure many people don't view a team that seems low-skilled can provide a quality match, but in reality for me I have had some of those types of matches be very competitive and fun.

When both sides seem to have about the same talent and skill in PVP when both teams are compared overall, that can lead to a fun game even if you find yourself as the only veteran or even if you find yourself as the less skilled player on the team.
In that sense, I sort of agree with you. Sometimes it can be quite annoying when you are surrounded with people a lot less skilled (not trying to sound arrogant, there are many more skilled than me), but like you say, sometimes that can still lead to fun. The other day I had a match where I had to win a 2v1 at the end of both rounds in order to win. Even though both of those players were pretty bad, and two of my own teammates got globaled both rounds, it still turned out pretty fun for me. I'm not sure that would turn it into a high quality match though. I'd probably call it a low quality match that just happened to turn out fun for me personally. And winning obviously helps. If I had lost those 2v1s, I probably would have been annoyed.

So I guess for me, a high quality match requires two ingredients: the teams have to be very evenly matched, and there has to be a certain threshold of skill met. I don't think the teams being even is quite enough alone, but I'm also not saying both teams have to be filled with pros either.