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I am just curious what different people consider a "quality match" in PVP. I think it's an interesting topic, because I never really thought on it much till I seen some Nautolans bringing it up in the other thread.

Quote: Originally Posted by JediMasterAlex View Post
All I've been doing is explaining reality to people. Your view of what constitutes "high quality matches" is based purely on whether you win the match or not.

Personally, I call a quality match one where you literally fight a closely contested WZ till the very end, and even when the match ends you are not sure who won. I like these types of battles!

Whether it's a deathmatch that is highly competitive or an objective based map like Huttball. In fact, I don't even get angry when I lose after matches like these, because of the fun they provide while in the WZ.

How about you Rodians? What do you consider a quality match? My definition is definitely not the same as the guy who Alex describes.
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