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I have a total of 150 dark side points at 50,
and two flirts with Kira. I'd imagine it's roughly the same for Doc.

I very much enjoyed my JK story. I'm a very moral person to begin with (with a few flaws, of course) so the light side options were generally right along the lines of what I would do if faced with those decisions myself. There might have been a few times where the dark side option was appealing, and I was so far into the light at that point that I defered to the light side choice just to avoid taking a step backwards with my alignment.

I took a BH up to about level 10? By that point, I'd killed innocent people, taken bribes to turn a blind eye, and
All in an attempt to make him dark. When I got to the spoiler part, I actually was disgusted with myself and deleted him to start over. So if you're at all remotely feeling 'connected' with what I'm saying, you'll likely enjoy the JK story with light side options.

Some of the chapters, so to speak, are just epic. Some are swing and a miss. I'm sure no archtype story is perfectly entertaining from start to finish.

And I'll just say this in parting...the buildup towards the end of a JK's storyline, and the ending itself, is just EPIC. I was riveted and engrossed as it all went down. Maybe I'm easy to please. I think I'm actually rather hard to please.

TL;DR - If you are a basically decent human being who's a straight arrow but with a mischievous side, likes being the go-to guy for the galaxy's biggest and toughest problems, and you want to be the most important of the four Republic archtypes (trust me, the JK ending trumps all others) then JK is for you.
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