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01.24.2012 , 07:12 PM | #15
The story is painfully slow, up until about the end of Coruscant.

Once you get past Coruscant, it starts to ramp up. Even though it can get a bit predictable with the "Oh, the sith have a planet destroying weapon on X planet", I thought the story was really awesome due to the scope of the story and how often you get to fight powerful NPCs one on one. Really adds some personality to the story when you're trying to get through a planet in order to fight a powerful enemy one on one at the end. Well, that and Jedi vs Sith combat always looks really awesome.

Oh, and if you get through the JK story, it also teaches you how to interrupt EVERYTHING which is always a nice habit(The bosses you duel rip you to shreds otherwise).

EDIT: As far as the Doc romance giving you darkside points, I romanced Kira and only got hit with two darkside flirt penalties throughout the entire story. They were pretty minor though, not to mention I went Diplomacy so I was able to get LS points back pretty quickly.