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But tbh it is super-confusing even without the wrong name. You walk in EXPECTING that solo mode = story mode = the thing you are supposed to do. Nowhere does it indicate that suddenly you would switch into a mode that is intended for more people. (I mean, no problem, you can still solo it, but what I am referring to is that the story does not in any way prepare you to expect that now you should look for some "2+" thing.)
Back in the day (before 5.0), it was exquisitely clear.

The mission objective told you what to do. It still does, except that it has the wrong names.

It said to run [Solo] in the initial mission, and [Heroic 2+] in the later missions, and the relevant officer at the door offered ... [Solo] and [Heroic 2+], so all you had to do was read the objective and pick the grade that matched.

The problem once 5.0 dropped is that they changed the naming conventions on the two officers but didn't fix the mission objective text to match.
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