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Currently leveling all classes to 50+ to see all the stories I've noticed something that struck me as odd, Bioware seems to be perfectly willing to build up characters, let them have a lot of lore and interaction with both sides, to eventually summarily kill them off (often without the other side ever learning about it) to give players some kind of feeling of accomplishment. As long as they're imperial characters that is.

Take for example Grand Moff Kilran, the so called butcher of Coruscant. He was featured in several flashpoints for both sides, interacting with players and being build up as a genius strategist. Before the Republic eventually got to summarily murder him and clap each other on the back.

His opposite when playing Imp is Satele Shan, whom as Imperial you never get a shot at. In fact she survived not just Kilran who functioned as her counterpart during these flashpoints, she also outlasted Darth Malgus her story counterpart and Darth Marr who was brought in as a replacement for Malgus.

Yes the Imperial chars do occasionally kill high profile chars such as the Chancellor, however these chars usually do not show up on Republic side, we don't get to know them before they're killed off. Most of the chars that die during the stories are Republic chars that the Republic players never learn about and never get to know or given a chance to grow attached to.

It strikes me as a bit odd, when it comes to Republic chars such as Satele they seem to have plot armor of immense thickness. Why is Bioware so unwilling to give Imperial chars and players the same kind of accomplishment and grand kills they do hand out to Republic ones on a regular basis?