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I'm not going to say that you're wrong by any means when it comes to particular players stomping ground when you're trying to play. The unfortunate thing about MMO's is that there are just some jerks who do that. I know it's beyond irritating. Believe me it happens to me all the time, but the ironic thing is that it still happens to you when you're close to max level or at. It's a simple matter of jerk players just getting their jimmy's by ruining the fun for other players.
As a player who likes to help other's I'll say I'm sorry about ppl like that. It can help if you join a Guild. Look at the leading Guilds or watch the Gen. Chat on the fleet for friendly Guilds Spamming for more members to join. I found help in that as you can use the Social Window to PM a Guild mate and, if you find one you fit in well with sometimes other members will come right to you to help you out.
On the matter of level syncing... As I said before I see how it's beneficial for players in say your situation, absolutely. But once you reach higher level planets where your toon is level-appropriate and for whatever reason may come, you have to, or want to go back to an "older" planet; you'll understand how it's frustrating that we don't have an option to toggle the Sync on or off... You'll be the high level toon, and all your great new Abilities will have no greater power over enemies than your initial Abilities did when you were first on that world. That's a part of the irritation getting to people. (Just one example.) Unless they add a toggle-feature you won't actually experience what it was like to go back to those worlds and feel like your Character has made incredible progress, and become "powerful" as the stories impart to the player.
I'm not disagreeing with your statements. Again it's helpful for creating new toons or for new players, but whether or not the benefits outweigh the losses is a hard-pressed issue to figure for the time being. Good luck to you, though and have fun. (Check into finding a Guild to help out with XP and the other benefits that come with it.)
Thanks for that, i hope my response didn't come off as attacking, i know people are upset about level synch but a lot of the people upset have been here years it seems and i wanted to offer a n00bs perspective. i'm currently level 54 on Illum and it's fun so i'm sure i'll be 65 soon enough and seeing what everyone else is experiencing lol.

Will take a look into the guilds, only been playing a month and feel like i've barely scratched the surface of the game