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10.28.2015 , 01:17 PM | #16
just thought i'd throw in my thoughts,

speaking as a fairly new player, i've been a sub just over a month and got into this game after moving on from a previous MMO. i have to say, i was close to quitting before i learned of the level sync, it was becoming a very frustrating situation where i'd be levelling on a planet and some higher level player would just rock up and annihilate everything around me, especially when it was bosses.

one guy actually stood around and kept defeating a boss i was trying to defeat for a shared area before i could even lay a finger on him. I'd constantly get challenged by level 60 players to duel on a PVE server when i was some 30 levels lower, then getting called a scrub and other expletives for ignoring their 'challenge' (more like curbstomp)

it's giving new players more of a chance, without knowing that level synch was upcoming, i think i'd' have quit as it was becoming really frustrating.

I understand players wanting to enjoy the fruits of their hard earned labour, but there was abuse of this as well by some. Higher levelled players don't lose abilities with level synch, all it's doing is making areas less of a trivial area. I seem to remember reading in the FAQ for it that they wanted their game to always feel like you were in danger or in a battle that needed to be fought, just like the films. In real life, if you get stronger, that doesn't mean that others don't get stronger so if anything this promotes realism to some degree (i know it's a fantasy game) to allow creatures to match your level.

just my thoughts on it anyhow. TL;DR - as a n00b it's better as it stops griefing i've experienced