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10.27.2015 , 06:44 PM | #14
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Lvl shifting should be an option not forced upon the player. maybe some people like to gather materials or just run around low areas with out being bothered with trash npcs that have no meaning anymore. there are plenty of other games out there that give an option to drop your lvl down to a friends lvl so you can lvl with them. when your done you can undo it and lvl be back to where you normally are. this lvl shifting crap is going to end up killing the game for me. i want to beable to hit my daily and weekly quests with speed. not have to kill everything i come across just to get somewhere as if im still low lvl. specially when i have 10 chars I run daily / weekly quests with.
I agree 100% they do need to add a toggle in rather than forcing everyone to be lower level. When looking for datacrons or trying to get 100% on a planet like say tatooine when you are level 50+ is a pain with level sync. We shouldn't have to sit and fight every mob we run across rather than being able to easily sneak past them or destorying the few mobs we cant sneak past.