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While I am in the same boat with you as the GM of a small guild. This is honestly on you in some ways.
, YES this was done poorly. We are not pleased either.

But the part that's on you is the fact that this was on PTS & been on that for awhile. Now I didn't even play on the PTS but I still frequented the area & read up on things. I was aware of the conquest changes a LONG time ago & the horrid crafting changes that at least they did listen to some extent & changed it.

As the GM of a guild you should be aware of the things going on pertaining to your "VR home"..
umm, i was indeed aware of everything on PTS . I've been here since 2011 early beta and read the Forums every single day. Nice condescending assumption though!

Anyways, you're missing the point. Or perhaps i'm not articulating it properly.

The point(s) i'm trying to make is: 1. It still shows IN-GAME the PRE-6.0 point values, therefore most of the playerbase isn't aware. ...and... 2. Eric's "announcement" (2 days AFTER conquests had already been committed) was a fluke forum post in a random person's thread. Hardly an official or robust communication to what will surely be a CSR nightmare tomorrow. (not to mention aggravate half the playerbase unnecessarily)

Honestly, this whole situation is baffling to me. But i suppose it's just another case of player indifference mixed with "well it doesn't affect us so who cares" .
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