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So..... You did more damage than any sorc, and none of the sorcs did any real healing either. You got more medals than any sorc. You got more commendations, credits and valor than any sorc...

But it's sorcs who need to be nerfed...

I need a 1024x1024 icon for rolling my eyes.

Do you see any other Marauders/SWs doing anywhere near as well as me? - No. They're far below the other classes most of the time.

Do you see ANY other class in any of the games doing as well as me? - In 1-2 of the games they do about 70% as much as me.

Skill plays a large part in PvP. The people I played against had an extreme skill disadvantage. The fact that I'm good doesn't change the fact that Sorcerer hybrid specs are far too powerful. The fact that I was able to do about 400k damage, get 9 medals, and take 0 deaths in a game should tell you how much of a skill gap there was.
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