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03.13.2014 , 06:06 AM | #1
Anyways I have done vanguard tanking, dps commando, and now healing commando. Vanguard tanking took some getting used to, commando dps pretty straight forward, but commando healing polar opposite. Any help would be appreciated, note the words help.

First problem I am running into the healing beam from hammer shot. No the beam glow is not a problem. Not seeing what the big deal is with that. The problem is it does not heal for much, and to make things worse is it puts my other healing abilities on a global quick cool down. How in the blazes do I heal one with the beam taking some damage, and use my probes on another taking major damage. Even worse like all things commando I have stay standing still. Then add to my issues people I heal, who are not tanks, are flying into groups of four enemy players. When i start healing them they dont back out. I get why things are the way they are to keep dps commando from being op but the healing side seems to be a contradictory in terms. My healer is level 22, my dps commando is level 55, so is there something that comes later that helps with these issues in a major way. For the record Kolto bomb is as badly glitched as mortar volley and hail of bolts. Some times it launches sometimes it just unclicks the abilities.