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A lot of times problems like these/those stem from parts of a game being too tied into to other parts of the game to the point where if you make any kind of alternation to something you suddenly break 100 other things, or more specifically strings of code.

The best way to imagine it is like a spider's web where all of your core systems & everything that was part of the vanilla game are at the center of the web. Every time they do an update like 2.0, 3.0, etc, that adds another layer/ring around the web, but each of those rings has a string connecting to the center of the web in some way. Mess with any one of the strings & you're potentially shaking/breaking anything it's connected to, which is ALOT of stuff when it comes to things like MMOs that keep updating over time.

I know that for a long-time Blizzard wanted to be to remove the starter inventory bag you start off with in WoW. They wanted to make it bigger/better. The problem was that because it had been around since launch, it was something that was tied into way too many other systems in the game. It didn't need to be tied into that many things it's just something that sort of happened as a result of them adding so much content to the game since it launched. That being said I think they eventually figured out how to change/remove the bag, I could be wrong, but it took years for it to happen.
A simple 'We are aware of the bugs, and we gonna reset the expansion or give you a terminal for said cutscene on Odessen'' would've been enough...

I dont need to know how the tarantula make its web lol Remember them Floating Eyeballs bugs ? lol
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