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Let me start of with a GIANT apology for asking this even though I have been playing the game for close to two years and I have made numerous Google searches to avoid asking. I'm sorry (but no other explanations seem touch on this)!

My question: Which locations autocomplete story? I know starting the Ossus story missions autocompletes everything* up to that point, but are there any others? Further, does merely travelling to Ossus count as starting Jedi Under Siege?
I can't really do auto-complete to Ossus with certain characters i'd like, because the default for imperial characters is dark side and default for republic characters is light side, but i'm currently working on a IA that is for the most part light side, however if i used auto-complete any actions there after will all be dark side choices, leading through ET and traitor storylines.

i really wished EA would make the auto-complete more flexiable and take into account alignment choices more carefully.