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Thank you, changed to Scrapper with the Scoundrel and it was a lot easier (for me). Completed the story and started a Vanguard, you were right about the Vanguard, i actually know (more than with the Scoundrel) what i'm doing and it feels less clunky to me. Helps that the abilities look pretty nice as well. Thanks again

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I think vanguard is definitely the class you're looking for. Both of its dps specs have a very easy and fun rotation/priority system, and they both have some of the highest damage outputs in the game right now. The only thing that makes the class more challenging is the fact that it is pretty squishy due to the lack of dcds, but that's mainly just a problem in pvp. Vanguard tank is also considered the most beginner-friendly tank, while scoundrel is considered the most difficult healer, so there's that.

Scrapper is the easier of the two dps specs for the scoundrel. I can't speak from experience, but I heard that it has a pretty simple rotation. You should give it a try since you already have scoundrel, but I'd definitely go vanguard a go.

Hope this helped