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05.24.2020 , 06:01 AM | #5
So, one for Scoundrel and one for Vanguard so far, thank you for the replies. I am looking for non force user melee class as completed Juggernaut, Sorcerer and Mercenary stories (that was a few years back so essentially returning as a new player) so have tried ranged and force user classes, want to try some classes on Republic side now).
Gone through the first chapter with a Scoundrel (Ruffian) and it still hasn't clicked for me yet, i mean i am getting through the story fine having companion set to heal but, if im honest, it's because of the companion, am struggling with the rotations/abilities. I really enjoy flashpoints and group content as well but don't feel comfortable taking part with the Scoundrel as i know i'd be a burden on the rest of the group.
If i remember, when i played the Arsenal Mercenary class a lot of people found it boring as it was 98% spam tracer missiles, 1% whatever procc'd, 1% some other ability i cant remember, i liked the simplicity. Same with Juggernaut and Sorcerer, both had a simple rotation to follow with about 6 main abilities. There is a lot going on with the Ruffian Scoundrel, maybe scrapper is easier ? Or it could be i am just getting too old for all these fancy rotations and should find and stick to a faceroll class, lol.