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Wow thank you for this big reply, everything is very clear right now, i think that operative will be my playstyle, melee combat bursting and pve if needed healing.

One thing, is an operative a solid choice as dps for PvE content like nightmare OPS?
It has a high ceiling as the dps output is there - but it is not easy to play on a high level for master ops/ tanked and I can't stress that enough. Operatives have less mobility actually than other melee classes as in gab closers you can use as you need your "gap closers" for dps/ mechanics a lot of time. Also damage reduction / mitigation can be a slight problem in the heaviest incoming damage phases. Brontes burn for instance is a nightmare for operatives, but snipers on the other hand are one of the better classes for that fight.

The main benefit of operative is that you can heal and dps on one toon depending on the night/situation. Snipers are pure dps.

Given current meta also, snipers are The ranged dps in mm ops (Though higher gear levels has kinda neutralized the field but their group wide shield + armor debuff is always welcome in an advanced raid). In general also learning rdps at a high level for ops/ pvp is easier than a melee that is a big point. Anyways maybe some of this will change in 6.0 though judging by pts so far not really - the rich get richer.
I personally play the slinger pretty regularly and opers from time to time as a side distraction.
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