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Sorry, but you are wrong, friend. It is not JUST cosmetic. It has a cosmetic aspect, surely. But after 1.2 when you are faced with choosing to keep your "Look" or buy a set of teen's orange gear with augment slots which will you choose? No brainer, and everyone who cares will make the same choice.
And this is the problem with the Orange gear being critable.

I don't understand how BW could be so shortsighted. Its so simple I remember saying this in beta!

For the custom gear to work no piece can have ANY advantage over any other piece. And all stats have to come from the mods that go in the gear.

But for some reason they want to make it so that some gear has advantage which leads to everyone looking the same to get BIS gear!

the only differences in to top tier (50) Rare gear should be special models, colors, decals and other cosmetics.