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I, like the rest of you, experienced this same thing in sight of the datacrons and the attendant sandcrawler. I was so mad that I went Anakin on every Tuskan that I could find -- it did give me some relief and then I sent an in-game cs request/ticket and got the "sorry for the inconvenience" blurb in response. I was pissed and killed every Tuskan again! I was at 28+ mins into the 30 min ride. HOWEVER....

According to the Legacy 1.2 patch notes, this has been fixed!!!! I will try again with my new toon.
It has not been fixed. We just had it happen while riding, we sat down to stop the crazy running around that the poor update logic causes while riding with others in the balloon and when we stood up, poof we were on the ground and the balloon was 300 meters away.