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Here's the problem with bombers, it's mostly bug fixes, but it's also imbalances that need to be worked out:

Bug: Their mines/drones do not respect LoS. You can have an asteroid/satellite between you and it, it will still hit you.
Imbalance: Missile turrets have a blaster cannon on top of the missiles they fire. Too much damage for one weapon imo.
Imbalance: Missile turrets require zero time to lock on and fire. Soon as you're in range, you've got a missile headed towards you.
Imbalance: Rail gun turrets NEVER miss, no matter if you've maxed out your evasion, and pop distortion field to boot.
Imbalance: Turrets have WAY too much HP for something as small as they are. True the mines get one-shot, but so should the drones. They're tiny just how armored/shielded could they possibly be?

So yeah, they need a little work.
I'll agree that drone LOS, missile drone zero time to lock on and fire, and rail gun accuracy are all issues that should be balanced with bombers. In my last post, I hope I didn't come off sounding as though I thought bombers were just right as they are. But all the ships can probably use some balancing, and with bombers being newest to be released to the masses, they've had the least amount of time to get fixed. I'm not trying to excuse it, just stating what I see as the facts.

I have mastered a scout, strike, and bomber, and am one tier 5 box from a mastered gunship. Having played all of these against both total newbies as well as experienced pilots, I can say that I've struggled against good pilots in all the ships as well as owned lesser pilots in all the ships. While the ship (as well as its upgrades) do make a difference, it's more about skill and teamwork. In my bomber, I've had the most trouble with gunships and scouts. In my scout, I have the most trouble with gunships and strikes. In my strike, I'm the most comfortable and I can't say there's any ship type that gives me more trouble, just good opponents. In my gunship, I have trouble with everyone since sniping's just not my thing, I doubt I'll ever be as good with it. But in all of them, a good pilot in any ship is more of a concern to me than what ship they're flying. I've abused my share of inexperienced pilots in bombers using any of my ships.

So yeah, balancing is needed. Not just with bombers, but perhaps a little more so with them. Mainly though, two things are more important than the ship you're flying or the ship you're flying against -- you and your opponent's skill with whatever ship it may be, and that of the folks flying with and against you.
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