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I dont know about all that stuff you wrote, but yea it is abit annoying that you hardly see any jedis with blue or green sabers, i know someone will come in here and tell us that lorewise jedis and siths can use any color they want, but as you say, green/blue for jedi and red for sith is iconic, and tbh what the vast majority uses.
You're own argument for the restrictions(which is often repeated) defeats itself. It keeps being thrown around that "every Jedi is now using a red lightsaber" due to the restriction being lifted. Now this in itself shows that the majority of the people(at least according to the people for the restriction) playing the game would rather have what color crystal they want as opposed to being restricted, while the minority being the people that are angry at the fact that it is being done. If this is indeed the case then it just shows that Bioware is going with the smart business choice and keeping the MAJORITY happy, not the vocal minority that must control how other characters look so they can enjoy their game, completely justifying the removal of the color crystal restriction.

If so many people thought the same way as you did about factions/alignment using certain colors you wouldn't be complaining about it in the first place as there would be very few people that would want to use a different color.