Thread: [Armstech] Scattergun Schematics gone
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05.17.2019 , 12:57 AM | #2
Scatterguns were never in the "Blaster Rifle" category, as far as I remember.

These days, the weapons that say "Requires Scattergun" are all Shotguns EDIT: and they are in the "Wieldable" section. END-EDIT. (Either I never bought Armstech Scattergun schematics, or they all got deleted when 4.0 rolled around. I have none left in my Archive section, but I *can* make a bunch of Vibroswords and Electrostaffs.(1) On my Armstech.)

(1) Stuff like "Grandmaster Freelancer's Vibroblade" and "Vibroblade of Fervent Strength". They are Vibroswords, complete with Force Power, not Tech Power.
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