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I mean it has been showcased that troopers carry sidearms with them and imperial commandos and operatives use sidearms as well; but why can we not learn these skills.
"Imperial commandos"? What's that?

I wouldn't use the word "showcased" for it in any event. "Cheesed in to avoid problems" would be more like it.

The "weird extra pistol from nowhere" classes are:
* Trooper
** Commando
** Vanguard
* Imperial Agent
** Sniper
** Operative

Note the arrangement, and you'll get a hint as to why they do this. Any cut-scene that was written to accommodate Commandos and Vanguards (and even plain old Troopers) will use a pistol to avoid having two different animations (one for a Commando menacing someone at close range with what amounts to a cross between a heavy machine gun and a light autocannon, one for a Trooper, Commando or Vanguard menacing someone at close range with a rifle). In the final class mission on Ord Mantell, you are shown using a blaster rifle (and not the pistol) because that scene was written for a plain old Trooper. If you do it on a Commando, you'll see your arms cradling a blaster rifle that isn't there, while your HBG remains securely on your back. (Prior to 4.0, this wasn't an issue, of course, because it was incredibly rare for someone to do that mission as anything but a plain old Trooper.)

The same applies to Snipers with sniper rifles versus any kind of agent with blaster rifle. Blaster rifles and sniper rifles don't have the same carry animations and the like, so to simplify things and avoid the "distance weapon at close range" issue that plagues Troopers, all types of Imperial Agent use a pistol in cinematics after Hutta.

There are similar issues for other classes, of course. You don't see a Gunslinger or Mercenary actually wielding two pistols in cinematics, nor a Marauder or Sentinel carrying a second sabre, and Assassins and Shadows tend to hold their dualsabre as if it is a singlesabre. And cinematics on Tython and Korriban tend to be weird if you have equipped a lightsabre of any kind, since they were scripted for training sabres.
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