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I have done this fight with people who are experienced in the fight and it is just too much for a gimped healer to handle who has had no problem with Nim content. The FP is not tuned to level 70 level sync and is still tuned for 236/248 gear and best done with 252/258 gear stats. Even the cheese of leaving one of them alive does not work anymore. Killing Gemini is a big problem in the stasis chamber part if they all focus on one person which they do and they shouldn't.

With the last boss
I have yet to see go down even when doing everything right. He just puts out too much damage and like all the newer content is set too high and have too much health.
Gemini is Nathema Conspiracy

I've done it a few times in 6.0 including with a completely novice tank where I had to explain before the fight how to break the beams with a pillar then after 1 wipe, how we should focus down the chambers one by one and how everyone needs to be aware of breaking beams with pillars with the clones up.

Then on the final boss, pausing to explain to kill the crystals, keep connecting beams short and stay out of all aoe. Then after a wipe made sure everyone had seen the mechanics that needed to be done better and we killed the crazy guy then one shot the computer thing.

Howeverrrrr it is challenging with a pug group and your class/spec can limit your carry potential on top of how good you are. Final boss phase is a dps-on-the-move check and you can't carry the team as a healer there. In fact I think all damage in that phase is avoidable too.

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