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11.09.2019 , 07:52 PM | #6
Its always four adds spawning in the same position. Each Dps tackles one asap and the tank stuns/pulls the thrid and taunts the fourth, which are also killed by DPS after they are done with theirs. Assassin spawns are managed by running to the boss where they die to the cleave.

Redo that until 25%. Complete damage stop on the boss. Do the adds like described above, get back to work. Below 20% you pull your adrenals and keep your defensive CDs ready. Kill the boss before the massive spawn kills you.

Works every time as long as you don't push past the 25% spawn and run unprepared into the second add spawn, with no mimax at all. Just 306 gear without Amps, or Augments. I kind of enjoy FP bosses that are requiring a bit of damage and coordination from your group.