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08.28.2019 , 08:19 AM | #26
Glad to see him away. How a wrong leader can waste a whole team work. Kotfe/Kotet were awesome quality parts, but not for this game (respect to all workers staff). But montly chapter plan was a clear unfair way to force people to subscribe (because the non stop subscription reward when all the chapters were available).

Then he comes with the horrible Galactic Command system, another way to force players subscriptions, with the ops passes removal. So after ruining SWTOR playerbase numbers, he tried to force the rest to keep their subscription; looks so abusive behaviour for your most loyal players. Server merge is the proof of how much players he pushed away from the game (in case someone still thinks that he did a good job).

No extra words needed for Anthem catastrophe. The guy must have a charm, or a sweet voice, or something that hypnotizes his industry bosses, because results doesn't back him up. His is the only name in game industry that i will be aware, before trying a new game. His footmark is just "I don't know how to have fun on a game".

So glad to see him gone from Bioware. Maybe still the studio has a chance for recovery. Art design and overall quality is still there. Best wishes to all the staff.