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01.17.2021 , 03:13 AM | #1
On my Powertech Bounty Hunter, I had an ability that allows my character to attack while mounted. Whenever I'm on my speeder bike and click on that ability in the Quick Bar, it sends out a shockwave in front of the speeder, dealing damage and knocking my enemies flat on their backs!

But tonight, I logged into that character, and that ability has disappeared in the 2-3 days since I last played with that character. It vanished from my Quick Bar, and it's nowhere to be seen in my Abilities Lists.

What was this thing and how do I get it back? Is it a Guild Ability? And if so, why would it vanish? Is it some limited time thing? I'd tell you the name if I could remember it, but sadly I don't remember the exact name, only what it did.

Any help here would be hot.