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A total disappointment, the amazing videos and stories is so far away from real. I am a veteran ship gaming player, mostly came from Freelancer. And this is just a joke. Controls and movement of the ship really sucks.
Nice try.

Amen to this. I've player GSF once , only once on 1 character. And was totally lost, had no clue how to do anything, and had no real way even within the tutorials to explain/understand how to do things within GSF. Maybe I'm just blind, but being the IRL son of a High School English teacher, I can read, I can follow instructions, & I can listen to others trying to help via chat.
But this was a major, complete, total & utter disappointment. Pancho was being nice when he said "Nice Try" , this was not even a Nice Try. It is a dismal failure. Here is hoping for it to be fixed , fast.
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